Management Team

Code 4 Management Team

Here at Code 4 Dev we taken the concepts of agile development and implemented them with the framework of a small development team. Each management team member is uniquely suited to help bring Code4Dev into the next generation of computing..


Dakman: Art Director

Dak has trained dogs for the Cirque du Soleil. His fine arts background has him uniquely suited for graphic design and layout issues with our iphone applications. When he’s not in front of his computer terminal you might find him boxing bears in the great Northwest.


Mac N. Cheese: El Presidente

Mac splits his time between being a high rolling executive of an upcoming iphone development company and sailing around the world with his son. He’s excited to be leading Code 4 Development into a typhoon of hyperactivity.


Jotts: Director of Miscommunications

Jotts loves Objective C and it loves him as well. When he’s not instantiating the complex objects of his disaffection you might find him on the Code 4 Development team; writing press releases, pursuing venture capitol and handling the countless requests for Code 4’s Brain Trust.


Dr. Doctor

Doc is the master of the hack and attack. First he finds perfectly beautiful and wonderful code examples on the Iphone example page and then he hacks it into a new and beautiful form. He’s the master of our data, the king of our code and the cretin of mis-speaking. We like to keep him under wraps here at Code 4 cuz he’s been known to take over entire businesses with the wild egress of his intellect.

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