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Code 4 Events

In late October, Code4 Development will leading a power coders weekend.

We’ll be overdosing on generic cialis 5 mg power drinks and passing around code in a frenzy of NSlogs and class instantiations. Stop by our Kitsap Headquarters or contact us if you’re interested in a weekend of code, crack and fun.

4 headed monster attacks Kitsap!

Recently there’s been sitings of a new sub-class of the Sasquatch.

This “CodeQuatch” is also a northwestern resident. It spends it time grooming itself and composing couplets of esoteric machinic languages. It’s peculiarly attracted to small and powerful mobile devices and has been known to attack innocent bystanders.

Shareholders Meeting

Code 4 Development has their weekly shareholder meeting every Wednesday at 7pm PT. Contact geeks(at) for info.

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