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iDreamer Pro from Code 4 Development

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iDreamer Pro

April 13, 2010:  Code 4 Dev has launched iDreamer Pro.  The Pro version of this five star app adds the ability to interact with others about your dreams, and at your choosing.  We’ve taken our customer suggestions and ideas and bundled them into one incredible Dream Interpretation application, and our customers have been quite happy with the additions!

iDreamer Pro is OpenFeint enabled, allowing users access to a private Dream Interpretation Forum.

Try it out today by visiting the iTunes App Store!

Watch in the coming weeks for the iPad version of iDreamer Pro…

Sky Horse Game from Code 4 Development

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Sky Horse

December 27, 2010:  Code4 Dev launched a new favorite game; Sky Horse.  This is a game that we’ve found to please both adults and children.  Guide the Sky Horse through the clouds as he jumps to higher and higher pastures while collecting bonus points for catch apples, carrots, lettuce and grapes…which also give him a power boost for more points.

Sky Horse is OpenFeint enabled, allowing users the ability to compete world-wide for a coveted spot on the High Scores list, as well as many other features!

Keep your eyes open for Sky Horse!

NamerQuest from Code 4 Development
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Namer Quest

Code 4 Dev LLC launches . The perfect application for finding great names for your role playing characters in:
World of Warcraft™
Guild Wars™
and other MMORPG / RPGs

Perhaps you’re like us and you’ve beaten your head against the wall in the search of a perfect name. Whether it’s a name for an iPhone app, or a character in a game, or perhaps your even a name for your child, Code 4 Dev has a series of apps that are solely focused on names. Our best selling baby name applications come in a variety of national and ethnic categories which include interesting linguistic and ethnographic information about the the name. Our gamers name app has a variety of interesting and eclectic names to help build a character around.

Stay Tuned for More New Apps…

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