C4D is an independent development group that’s focused on turning imagination into solid capital. As a collection of digitally enlightened artists, we dig new ways through technology in pursuit of our economic destiny.

Our perspective is grown from a user-centric position, and leverages numerous skills and histories into a positive, strategic business model.

For over 1000 years, we have defined who we are through a core set of values. We use these values as a method of understanding our potential, and as a foundation for achieving great profit.

We Value:

  • oil (it gets us to work)
  • Coffee (it wakes us up for work)
  • aspirin (it helps us work when we are hurt)
  • beer (it fosters good rest, so that we can work)
  • total commitment to the cause (otherwise we are taken away and never seen again)

You can learn more about how we arrived at this point in our company history section.

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